Smarter Logistics

When you combine your local knowledge with our GIS expertise, you can deliver Smarter Logistics.


Happier Customers

With Dimaps' Smarter Logistics, you will have Customer Satisfaction.


Superior ROI

With Dimaps, you can optimize distribution, increase efficiency and achieve a Superior ROI.


Dimaps Software & Services

Dimaps’ Distribution system meets all fundamental requirements related to the start-up and development of a distribution company. Dimaps’ Distribution system is a highly flexible system which ensures that the finished solution is tailored to match each customer’s requirements.
Dimaps develops and supports customer-specific solutions for distribution, GIS, circulation and reporting. After a thorough analysis of your company’s functional requirements, we implement solutions which can be fully integrated with your existing systems.
Dimaps will automatically distribute deliveries between the different vehicles based on weight, max. no. of packages or maximum permitted driving time. The result of the optimization will be provided complete with detailed maps and route and loading/unloading lists with exact specification of the time of each delivery drop.
Dimaps’ Circulation module is a precision targeting distribution system. Correlating a wide range of integrated demographic data e.g. type of household, number of people and income brackets, the module permits very accurate targeting of households and individuals.