Market-Proven Distribution Solutions

Dimaps will match any requirement: Ranging from newspaper, magazine and household distribution – over unique opportunities for combined distribution – to route optimization and GIS solutions.

Dimaps Software is modular and complete

Dimaps' Modular Distribution software is highly flexible and tailored to match each customer's unique requirements.

Precision distribution is at the core of Dimaps’ solutions

Dimaps’ solutions are all centered around our Basic Distribution system which meets all fundamental requirements related to the start-up and development of a distribution company. Dimaps’ Distribution system is a highly flexible system which ensures that the finished solution is tailored to match each customer’s requirements.

With a basis in Dimaps’ Basic Distribution system, the company can develop its business areas to accommodate the constantly changing requirements of a dynamic industry. Modules like Co-distribution may be integrated from the start or on-the-fly, and functionalities like Invoicing, Text messaging solution, Key management or the Mobile app ensure continued development of the daily operations.

Several of Dimaps’ add-ons can also be used as stand-alone solutions, i.e. without the Basic Distribution module. This applies for instance to the Packaging module which may also be combined with Route Optimization system.


Dimaps Orchestra

Creating Harmony with Your Existing Logistics Systems

Dimaps Orchestra integrates your current logistics systems, carriers and products into a unified workflow process that streamlines distribution with 2-way real-time communications. Orchestra brings new business efficiency and the flexibility to create new distribution models, including:


 Forming joint logistics operating companies,

Working with 3rd party carriers or logistics firms, and

Expanding your capacity to deliver parcels, mail, other publications…even Amazon packages!


Dimaps Orchestra creates new revenue opportunities to turn a cost center into a profit center while maintaining your direct relationship with your customers and subscribers. Dimaps Orchestra represents Smarter Logistics to deliver Happier Customers and Superior ROI.

Before & After Dimaps Orchestra

Our Cloud-based Technology

The Dimaps Technology Stack is built on solid partnerships.

Our Partners:

Microsoft .Net user interface ensures high speed, high volume processing.

 GIS functionality is built with Pitney Bowes MapXtreme toolbox.

 Dimaps GIS tools are built in Progress OpenEdge.

The Result?

Fully integrated two-way with Dimaps Route Optimization and Newspaper distribution… Delivering Dimaps GIS production data in real-time!

Would you like to see Dimaps in action?