About Dimaps

Dimaps was founded in Denmark in 2005 by experts working on distribution applications and GIS solutions for more than 20 years. The Dimaps team combines expertise and solid experience from the distribution business and software engineering. We are driven to deliver customer-centric solutions while we continue to push the boundaries of distribution innovation.

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Dimaps covers the globe with comprehensive cloud-based software solutions  – ranging from newspaper, magazine and household distribution to route optimization and GIS solutions.


Our team develops customer-specific solutions for distribution, GIS and reporting. After a thorough analysis of your company’s functional requirements, we develop and implement solutions which can be fully integrated with your existing systems.


Dimaps Offers a Broad Range of Customer-Specific Solutions

Dimaps' Modular Distribution software is highly flexible and tailored to match each customer's unique requirements.

 Distribution: Our distribution solutions are not limited to our own Basic Distribution system. Dimaps offers import and export of data from existing systems, for instance by transferring existing data to GIS or customizing to meet customers’ unique needs.

Targeting: With Dimaps’ Newspaper Distribution solution, we can help you identify potential new subscribers/customers based on market data. By geo-coding existing customers into our database it is possible to efficiently target all types of telemarketing to cover areas with existing subscribers.

GIS: Dimaps has unique expertise in GIS solutions combined with long-standing use of enhanced MapInfo data.

Audience Insight: Dimaps adds unique access to detailed information on the individual types of household. This data is integrated with our distribution solutions to provide valuable marketing intelligence.

Reporting: Whether your company wishes to make its own ad hoc reports or integrate novel reports, Dimaps can offer you a complete palette of services to ensure that the system is geared to generate exactly the right reports for your requirements.